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Friday, March 31, 2006

Fuck Break

The only thing I will say about my line of work is that I am a lawyer. (Since this is a blog about sex and the conservative "partners" would in no way approve.)

So I was at work today when I got to chatting with one of the other young lawyers. We started at about the time and we are the slaves of the office. We are sent on errands and assigned tasks that any high school freshman could do. I am a lawyer..WITH A LAW DEGREE!

So while on today's "errand" we got to talking. Long story short...he is not dating nor am I. Neither one of us is interested in daing the other but both miss sex. 10 minutes later we are in my apartment ripping each others clothes off and he ends up fucking me on my stairs up to my bedroom. He is not my type but OOOOO did he know how to pound me...and I mean pound.
After it was over we head back to the office and go back to work with no one any the wiser about a little break.

Even with my little "sexcapde" today I still came home and masturbated for a couple of hours.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Is it a threesome if you masturbate while your neighbors are having sex? Just curious as to what you all think. My neighbors have the most active sex lives (well excluding me) and boy do they express themselves. I would love to let them hear me join in but I am afraid that they will quiet done if I do. It is like FREE porn.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Celibacy is the worst form of self-abuse

I had a friend double dare me today. This friend dared me to go without sex/masturbation for an entire month. Maybe for some this is a small thing but for me, who has to have some sort of gradification at least 3 times a day, this is not so easy. My friend told me that she had tried it once and so when she finally did the orgasms were that much more fierce. My friend acutally expreience female ejaculation for the first time after she tried this.
Me not having a couple of orgasms per day is impossible. I become irritable and not fit to be around. Has anyone else every tried this? Anyone who is as sexually minded as myself?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mama Needs A New Pair of...

I have to be honest in the past month I have worn out both of my vibrators and need to buy new ones. The problem is I am like a kid in a candy store and cannot decide on just one and I am not independently wealth so I can only afford one.

The last two I had lasted me two years so that ain't bad. Any suggestions for a new one? I jsut cannot decide.

On the Road Again...

My sex drive is in overdrive right now and I have no man in my life or even a F-Buddy to take care of my needs. In fact, I am finding it difficult now a days to even find a guy who wants to be friends and have a casual sexual relationship. All the guys I am meeting are looking for"relationships", but to be honest they are not relationship material for me.

Anyway I was horny all day at work and I had an event after I left work today so I could not go home and masturbate. I love to have sex or masturbate outdoors but for some odd reason I had never masturbated in my car...until today. Thank goodness I had worn skirt and my pantyhose were an easy removal. With my heated leather seats and my fingers going to town I have never had so much fun. Plus I could be as loud as I wanted with out my neighbors hearing me. Prior to arrival at my destination I had three lovely orgasms and slipped my hose back on and ran inside for my meeting.

Yup, you guessed it...I masturbated on my way home too!